2015 Message from Executive Director, Linda Dodd



As we move forward into 2015, I am thrilled at the potential we have in our community to make life changing impact! Our ability to make positive changes all goes back to you, our community, because of the support you extended to United Way during our campaign and to the support given to me as a first year executive director.

I appreciate everyone that has helped make my first year phenomenal. Thank you to all our United Way Board of Directors who really are the backbone of the organization. They strategically plan our future and they make each decision based on the best interest of our community, our organization and our donors. Their commitment to advancing health, education and income support is their mission. The board and I have a great partnership because our goal is the same – to advance the common good in South Eddy.
As we move forward in our focus of collective impact, our grant funding will be changing a bit to encompass more programs in our community of South Eddy. Programs that are essential to the wellbeing and the future of the place we call home. In 2016, we will be opening up our entire grant funding to any 501 (c)3 health and human service organization that focuses on health, education and income support. For funding consideration in 2016, nonprofits will need to contact our office before July of 2015. We will also be hosting multiple community listening sessions to hear what you think is the most crucial social issue in South Eddy County.
The 2014 Campaign has come to a close and the final number exceeds $915,000. This was a record breaking year because YOU, our community, invested the most they have ever into the work that United Way is known for. You saw the value in our work and made that investment. This is the largest diversification of funding to date, which makes our organization stronger and much more stable. I am incredibly pleased to report that the Oil and Gas Industry increased their commitment to serving our community by increasing their contributions by over 1300%. Thanks to local business leader Madron Services and other larger organizations such as Oxy, Conoco Phillips, Devon, Yates Petroleum, and Chesapeake Oil.
Additionally, almost all of our workplace campaigns saw an increase in their employee commitment and corporate gifts exceeded previous years. We are incredibly thankful to Mosaic Potash for their commitment to community. They offered the largest corporate gift exceeding $200,000 to complement their employee pledges of over $120,000.
We also had many of our businesses that facilitated the biggest to date workplace campaigns including: Intrepid Potash, City of Carlsbad, NM Gas Company, Nuclear Waste Partnership, Xcel Energy, Western Commerce Bank and Pioneer Bank. I am personally thankful to all the community businesses that allowed me to do a 15 minute presentation. I finished the year making 158 presentations and look forward to topping that and reaching out to more organizations and businesses in 2015.
I would be remiss if I didn’t place credit where credit is due to the hugely successful year we had. Thank you to Kyle Marksteiner who is by far the most patient board member I have had the privilege to work with. As the campaign chair, he provided me with the direction needed and was a sounding board to my ideas when others thought they were too far-fetched or unattainable. He was supportive and is really one of the BEST people to work with. Thank you, Kyle, I look forward to this coming year! Cathy Goad was a wonderful Board Chair and I look forward to the amazing work that we will accomplish this year with Kathi Smith leading us.
We have been blessed to receive such phenomenal support from Nuclear Waste Partnership (NWP). Mr. Bob McQuinn and his staff have demonstrated true commitment to community support. They created our campaign materials, campaign video, co-chaired our inaugural Day of Caring event, delivered technical assistance to our office and provided two senior managers to our board of directors. The hours given to us are far beyond any I would ever expect any business to give, but am thankful to their commitment. Thank you, Donavan Mager, NWP Communications Manager, for your advocacy and willingness to lend a helping hand with both your communication and marketing experience as well as to your commitment to United Way and the work that we do. Thank you, Dirk Roberson, for the amazing video you always put together and all the NWP staff that have assisted in helping us achieve our goal.
There are so many businesses and individuals that have gone above and beyond and while I don’t have the space to thank each one individually here, I appreciate you beyond words. More importantly, our community appreciates each of you – large business, small business and individuals! Your commitment far reaches the expectation.
Lastly, thank you to our United Way staff. Michelle, Barbara, and Abby you make my days bright and make coming to the office much more rewarding! I appreciate every minute you invest in our organization and I look forward to all the possibilities in 2015 and for years to come!

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