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Open and available as funding permits year around. 

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 UWCSEC will provide a mechanism for funding outside its existing Community Impact grant making in order to remain responsive to agency and community needs during the year.  

Eligibility and Operating Requirements:


  • Operate or provide services within South Eddy County.
  • Operate as a 501 (c)3 non-profit charitable health or health service organization, or organization that facilitates educational programs or as a governmental or quasi-governmental unit
  • Operate under written Articles of Incorporation and By-laws or other written documents or statutes that define the applicant’s purposes, membership, management and operation.
  • Operate on a non-discriminatory basis in employment, recruitment of volunteers and delivery of services.
  • Demonstrate effective program performance and financial responsibility and accountability.
  • Provide services that align with United Way’s identified needs in EducationHealth and Income Support. 


  • Funds shall be used solely for the granted purpose.
  • Grant funds not expended as approved in the grant application by United Way and within the time frame allowed shall be returned to United Way.
  • No grant will be given for any purpose that would jeopardize the tax-exempt status of United Way or the applicant organization.
  • Grant recipients shall acknowledge United Way of Carlsbad & South Eddy County in all promotional materials, activities and programs funded with United Way monies.
  • Grant recipients will be asked to sign a Memorandum of Agreement
  • Grant recipients shall submit an outcome report within 30 days of completing approved project.  They shall also submit a financial report and documentation illustrating financial accountability. 



Other Important Information:


Emerging Community Impact Grants do not fund: 

  • Annual Fund Drives 
  • Operating Deficits or after-the-fact Support 
  • Direct or Grass-roots Lobbying 
  • Religious Purposes 
  • Hospitals, Medical Research or Academic Research. 


Supporting documentation of the emergency must accompany the request.  Other exceptions may be made in cases when the organization requesting funding serves as the Fiscal Agent for another organization. Due to limited funding, partial gants may be awarded.


You will use the logic model to illustrate the Inputs, Activities, Outputs, Outcome and Impact of your program.  Outcome and Impact must be specific and directly address the program needs. Local data MUST be included.  


No Budget is required to be submitted for Programs requesting $500 - $1000 of funding.  Detailed Program Budget is required for all requests totaling $1001 to $10,000.  All budgeted items must be specific to services provided by project/program.  All equipment requested should be justified by showing the need for equipment and full integration with the planned activities.  Applicants must thoroughly explain all costs of the project as they relate to the accomplishments of stated outcome.


Emerging Community Impact Grant request shall be for no more than $10,000.  Proposals submitted beyond the stated maximum amount will not be eligible for review.  


You will be notified within 30 days of Receipt of Application.  In the event of an emergency, a more rapid response will be given.  


Provided funding is available, grant is available year around.




Contact Linda Dodd, Executive Director, at 575-887-3504 or




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